Thursday, September 12, 2013

Advice For Buying The Most Appreciated Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

By Cecile Ingram

Buying the perfect bridesmaid jewelry sets can take a bit of thought. You will want to give a gift that your attendants will cherish and be able to use again and again. A set can be very formal, so you should choose carefully.

As much as you may feel tempted to purchase very formal, ornate pieces, the reality is that many in your group may not be able to wear them ever again in the future. Spending for quality hardly seems worth the effort if a one time outing is all you will get from it. Opt instead for lovely jewels that are not too opulent, and let the bride be the centerpiece.

Plenty of possibilities exist for gifting these special women in your life. Matching necklaces and earrings made of pearls, crystals, semi-precious stones and simple chains are available in literally thousands of designs. Colorful selections are as abundant as clear or metallic. The key is to consider the wedding colors, using the bridesmaids' dresses and the ceremony or reception flowers as the primary focus. Many colors can be difficult to match properly, and keep in mind that lighting plays an important part when it comes to the way colors are perceived. Staying with clear crystals or white pearls may be the safest choice.

Sets usually mean matching necklaces and earrings. Finding clip earrings can be difficult, as pierced ears are more current. When one of your maids does not have them, you may need to ask if a jeweler can convert the earrings from post to clip on. If you are shopping from inventory in a local store, this advice is easy to come by.

Another excellent way to circumvent personal needs is to purchase bracelets and necklaces that match, and have each woman wear coordinating earrings that suit her own style. With the fashion forward moving ever away from matching accessories, you have the chance to bring a fresh look to the overall party by dressing each person to look their best. This option also works particularly well when each will wear the same color, but a different style gown.

Regardless of what the bridal party will wear, it is still correct to view the dress choice of the bride as the focal point. The level of formality will be dictated by this dress, and her wishes, and then all else flows from that. The accessories of all should retain a uniform, formal level. Traditionally, diamonds and pearls were proper for weddings. Financial concerns have made way for using beautiful cubic zirconium as well.

Once the wedding gown sets the overall tone, then considering the time of day the wedding will take place should be factored in to the decisions. When the time is in the evening, then the more opulent the jewelry may be. Those who will have an afternoon marriage coupled with a reception after 6:00 PM may choose the level of formality for the jewels using the bride's as a starting point.

Every person in your bridal party will certainly enjoy wearing bridesmaid jewelry sets to complement their attire. Whether they purchase for themselves or you surprise them with these gifts, you will honor each one. With some careful choices from among the thousands of possibilities, everyone will look wonderful on that special day.

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